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We at Clonect are a team of talented professionals from diverse backgrounds and skills, believing in innovation and excellence. Research, continuous learning, opportunities to work closely with senior leaders, stimulating environment characterized by knowledge sessions, brainstorming, regular fun-filled events – all form an intrinsic part of Clonect’s culture. Every employee has the freedom to come up with their independent ideas and choose to experiment, grow and learn.

If you are looking to join us in our journey, reach out to us. We are eager to talk with you!

What Our Employees Say

CMS enables management to keep track of various statutory compliances and completion of the same. It provides timely reminders, alerts and helps in ensuring good governance. The Colour-coded and informative dashboard of the tool easily depicts the status of compliances. It allows users to download the status report for further analysis by the management. CMS is a user friendly and reliable tool.

Swiggy Legal Team

Tool is user friendly … It is very easy to access and navigate. System generated alerts & reminders are powerful and useful to both admin as well as users. Admin gets to know count of total pending items for each user. User gets a summarized mail of all pending tasks. Easy reassigning of items is another good feature.

Shankaran Program Director-Finance - MINDTREE

CMS is a wonderful tool… It has given transparency to the management on various compliances of the organisation such that they do not sign-off blindfold anymore. Tool not only gives visibility into the compliances, but also gives a chance to take pro-active action. This is a real stress evader.

Shobhit Agarwal Chief Operating Officer - MANIPAL IS

Is extremely robust in handling all statutory compliances. It enables the team to efficiently handle compliances and ensures that the Management is able to focus on business rather than worrying about statutory compliances. It brings only the exception reporting to Senior levels along with the ability to review the complete compliance checklist, if need be. Being hosted on Cloud, it gives an added advantage from access point of view.

S. Ramakrishnan (Ramki) Group CFO and Company Secretary - SANSERA INDIA

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